Understandable decision to postpone the match in Nova Gorica
We wouldn’t see much football in these conditions...
Foto: Drago Wernig
Our journey to Nova Gorica was in vain. Due to heavy rainfall, the pitch was waterlogged and unsuitable for football, and the decision has been made to postpone the match.

“It was justified. The pitch was is no condition to host a football match. Water accumulated along the sidelines and in the penalty box, so the sensible thing to do was to postpone the game. For a while, it looked as if the conditions would improve, but then the rain picked up again and both teams agreed that it was too dangerous for the players. We wouldn’t see much football in these conditions and that wouldn’t do anybody any good,” commented Darko Milanič after the decision made by the referees and the delegate.

Immediately after the cancellation, it was unclear when we would have to return. We were informed about the new date while on our way home. The replay of the match between Gorica and Maribor will take place on Tuesday, 7 March at 4 p.m.
“This changes our plans for the next couple of days, but we’ll have to adapt,” said the coach, who scheduled the next practice session for Sunday morning.