Coach’s assessment of a derby that didn’t bring everything we hoped for
Foto: Drago Wernig
“We wished and planned for something else, but we would have had to score for that. Nonetheless, we did what we promised. The boys were focused and eager to win. In the dressing room after the match, you could read their feelings from their faces. They knew they put in everything they had. In the first half, which we dominated, we were doing our best to beat their defence, but we failed. We managed to create a few chances that we didn’t use and then the opponent started playing a bit more energetic and almost surprised us from two counter attacks. I have no complaints about our attitude. Despite showing great desire, you can’t win every match,” said the coach after the derby match.

We didn’t use our first opportunity to clinch the title, but there’s already a plan B in place: we want to finish the job at Ljudski vrt.
“Our primary plan didn’t work out, but we’ve already set out a new one. I’m calm because of our lead at the top of the table and because of the attitude the boys have. I believe we’ve only postponed the celebrations and that we’ll celebrate as soon as next Saturday with our supporters at our own stadium.” 

The anticipation of the final step is no cause for nervousness. In the aftermath of the derby and with match day number 32 on the horizon, Darko Milanič is adamant: “During the week, I could see a lot of focus and willingness to work hard from the boys. We need to hang on to that. Of course there’s more of that when you’re preparing for a derby match, but we’ll do everything we can to be in the best possible shape. In the coming days, we’ll work hard to prepare for Gorica. They are a team that does not play reckless and they stick to their plan. We’ll have to put in a good performance. With all the energy from the stands, we have to win and lift the deserved league trophy.”