Coach and captain comment on a match, in which we lacked accuracy
Marcos Tavares: “We had our chances and we fought until the very end.”
Foto: Drago Wernig
“It was obvious that we were not in the right shape after being without our international players over the past two weeks. We lacked the proper competitive edge. We lacked speed and more accurate passes and finishes. We had a lot of opportunities, especially in the second half. On a better day, we should have taken them,” was the coach’s first comment on Friday’s encounter at Ljudski vrt.

We failed to find the goal worth 3 points. One of the reasons things didn’t go according to plan was an injury after our third and final substitution.
“It was a very strange situation. I wanted to increase our tempo by bringing on fresh players and attacking with everything we got. After the third substitution, we had five forwards on the pitch and two very attack-minded midfielders. But thenVršič got injured after taking his first shot. It’s a pity because that stopped us in our tracks. We still had a couple of great opportunities in the dying moments of the game, but I’m sure we would have been even more dangerous without that injury,” said Darko Milanič about the unforeseen turn of events.

What did Marcos Tavares think about the match against Celje?
“It’s a pity the game ended with a goalless draw. We had our chances and we fought until the very end. It was difficult playingthe final stage of the game with only ten men, but even so we were putting their keeper under constant pressure. We played well. The only thing missing was a goal. I hope we’ll do better on Wednesday. I hope that the kind of chances thatwe missed today end up in the net.”

That’s a scenario we would welcome with open arms. It’s time to focus on Wednesday night’s spectacle.
“This is what we wanted. We are a part of the biggest football competition and this will be the biggest match of the season. We will wait for the final information on Spartak from their latest league match on Saturday. Then we will prepare thoroughly and take to the pitch with an amazing level ofmotivation. Together with our fans, we will do everything in our power to start our Champions League season successfully with a victory.”