Marwan Kabha on the extension of his contract as well as the Saturday and next challenges in the violet
'There is still enough energy to successfully complete the season'
Foto: Drago Wernig
We’re concluding the October competition programme on Saturday in Dom˛ale. Amidst a series of topical issues and competition challenges, a staff agreement for the future has also been made. In his third season in the Ljudski Vrt, Marwan Kabha accepted the offer and extended his loyalty at least until 2019.

‘There was no dilemma, the reason is clear. For me, this means extending the contract with my family club. Since I came here, since the very first moment, I have had a feeling that I have been here for years. Fans, teammates, all in the club have been giving me respect and support; so I have been feeling here at home here, in a family circle the whole time. I am glad that I am in Maribor and would like to stay here for as long as possible. The connection between me and the club is special, different than previously in my career,’ our tireless midfielder said about the new agreement.

The Maribor story has already become a career milestone. With matches in the Violet, he has for the first time been a participant in the Champions League, and has for the first time also achieved the status of an Israeli national team player.
‘First, I won a cup and then became a champion and, now, have also awaited the Champions League. We’re glad that we have enabled the club to make earnings brought about by the qualification to an elite competition, and that we can play at such a level against the best European teams. At the same time, another wish has come true. I am proud of these four national team performances, which the club had also enabled to me play in. That’s why I’m trying to make it up and give as much as I can in every match, for new team successes.’

Not only was he called and invited, but he was also given significant playing time on the pitch.
‘When I first went for some national team action, an interesting, funny situation happened. After the elimination of Hapoel, players of Be'er Sheva didn’t want to run alongside me in the group, which had to regenerate together. They said to me: “You’re in the Champions League and we’re not, so we won’t run alongside you.” I was departing there with confidence and experience gained in European matches, which helped me a lot. This is also a consequence of our club’s outstanding recent months, and I hope that I played well.’

The next challenge is going to follow on Saturday in Dom˛ale.
‘I have been for no less than three years in Slovenia and am well aware of the difficulty of Dom˛ale challenges. A series of matches is behind us, we have been in full swing for three months, but we aren’t troubling ourselves about that. In each match, we want to present our best image. “Together, we are one” always applies, be it in victory or defeat. With this team spirit, we’re overcoming all the obstacles, and that will be of paramount importance in Dom˛ale. We’re going there with determination, for three points.’

13 points, 31 points. Regardless of the interim nine difficult European challenges, we’re not losing our rhythm on the domestic scene. In addition to the championship finish, there will be the second half of the group part of the Champions League and the cup quarter-finals with two derbies.
‘There is still enough energy to successfully complete the season. If we look at European matches, it is a fact that after what we have shown, we would deserve to win against Spartacus. And we should also be better against Liverpool. The difference is significant, we’re aware of this; but it is not such that it would have to end with 0:7. We’re able to play like we did in Seville until the first conceded goal and I believe that by the end of the championship, we will win some more points in the Champions League. However, some important championship matches are still ahead of us; we must keep this rhythm until the end of autumn. To remain at the top of the ranking and win the championship advancement.’