After a successful performance in Domžale we are heading to Liverpool on a high note
Foto: Drago Wernig
“The plan was not to play the way they wanted us to play. Right from the start, we put their defensive line under pressure, played some deep balls and took matters in our hands. We took away their main weapon and made good use of the whole width of the pitch. We were very accurate with our passes in the back line and this proved to be the right way to play,” is how Darko Milanič described the perfect performance in Domžale.

There aren’t many matches in which the home team is unable to make anything happen, not even after conceding a goal.
“I’m very happy with our performance. I’m happy with the result as well, of course, but what was more important in this game was the execution. We were convincing throughout the match. Even during the parts when our opponent was the dominant side. It was a match in which the teams frequently exchanged having the upper hand. We had to be faultless in our performance, their speed being one of the reasons for that. And we pulled it off.”

The victory is important for two reasons. We prolonged our good record (34 points from 14 league matches) and we are heading to Liverpool on a high note.
“It’s true. This victory has many positive aspects. However, by the time we start preparing for Liverpool, it will be the past. Of course it’s very important because we want to be back on top and we’ll work hard to get there. But Liverpool is a story in itself. I want us to be a team with a strong connection. A team that can get through things. I don’t want us to act individually, but as a homogeneous group because the opponent is unbelievably strong.”

We’re used to setting milestones. It’s time to set another one, as we’re bringing more than 2,000 fans with us to an away game.
“It’s a unique situation, one we share with our fans. It’s the biggest crowd ever to travel to an away game and we’re very happy with the support. We feel it every step of the way and we are trying to repay the trust that’s shown in us. We are all up for an incredible time among the elite. Despite facing a very strong team, we must remember we deserve this. We earned the right to be here on the pitch and we’re going there to prove why we are a part of this special story.”