To Liverpool with an eight-hour delay: what does this mean for the team?
Instead of 10 a.m., it was 6:20 p.m. Because of a delay and changing of the plane, the training at Anfield was cancelled and the team spent their Tuesday not at all how they envisioned it. What does this delay mean for the final match preparations?

“We already had the crucial training session yesterday in which we prepared the tactics for the match. It was almost as if we had known what was going to happen with the plane. Of course, it wasn’t because of that. We just wanted to get it over with and have a more relaxed final training. We have no power over what has happened, so it’s better not to get too upset about it. We’ll adapt. The training has been cancelled. If it’s possible, we’ll only take a walk around the stadium in the evening and check out the pitch. These events won’t put us off our stride. It’s something we cannot control and it’s useless getting mad about it. It’s just something that has happened and shouldn’t have too much of an impact,” said Darko MilaniŤ before the flight.

What does it mean that you won’t be able to train at the match venue?
“It’s not how we usually go about things, but it’s the way it turned out. It will be a first for us, but some teams do it regularly. They prepare at home and only fly over for the match.”

How did you pass your time during waiting?
“We had lunch and then grabbed some rest. The coaches stayed at the stadium, where we prepared for the match and ironed out some tactical details. The boys were resting and waiting for the call.”

Attempt number 2 at 6:20 p.m. With a different plane. After landing, there will only be a press conference and a quick walk around the stadium.