Darko Milanič on another passionate, combative and high-quality match from the purple warriors
Foto: Drago Wernig
“I’m pleased with what we’ve shown on the pitch today. Not just because of the result. That could have been different. I’m talking about our performance as a whole.

We had our chances, maybe one or two more than our opponent. We played a passionate game, we fought and were very good tactically and as far as running goes. We had a bit of a crisis as well, but all in all, it was a good match. Our strategy was to stop their attacks in the first half and then try to bring in the substitute players in the second half and become more offensive. Vrhovec was in danger of being expelled and I was forced to take him off during the half-time break. We wanted to win, which is why we had Mešanović ready to come on. And after he did, we equalised. After a couple of nervous passes in the beginning, we got into the rhythm and put in a good performance.
We are far from disappointed with the fact that we won’t be playing European football after the winter break, despite it being our goal. We know the path we must take to be successful in the Champions League. Now, our aim is to maintain our successful run in the domestic competition.”