Jasmin Mešanović about the goal for the return from Moscow with a point
‘Tavares and Vršič played well; the excellent captain’s assistance made the job easier for me.’
Foto: Drago Wernig
The power of the purple collective has once again come to the fore, with the second achieved point in the group part. Jasmin Mešanović thumped to even the match in Moscow, celebrated with the team, and told us after the match about how it is when you join the strikers in the Champions League.

‘The feeling was really phenomenal. Somehow it seemed that the ball would come to the other post. I was left alone, Tavares and Vršič played well a double pass, and the excellent captain’s assistance made my work much easier.’

The goal for a point provided late, but more than deserved, joy. The team played 90 minutes and 3 minutes of stoppage time at such a level that a different resolution would be unjustified.
‘It was one of our best matches. We played in a mature manner and confirmed our quality. In a way, we can also be sorry that we’re not returning home with full profit, because we really were better than the Spartak team. I am glad for the hit, but I would be the happiest if we had won and decided on our promotion in the final round.’

We cannot achieve the 3rd place in the group anymore, but we have plenty of reasons for satisfaction. And extra energy for the autumn finish.
‘We will also try to get a good result against Sevilla. We can no longer ensure the European spring, but we have enough motivation. The fight for the club coat-of-arms draws us forward, along with another spectacle in our Ljudski Vrt, and with such a performance as in Moscow, everything is possible. With the return from Moscow, the events in the Champions League are again in the background. Let’s focus now on the domestic competition, Saturday and the host match in Celje will be fast. We’ve won five times in a row and we want to continue the champion’s series which deservedly puts us to the top of the ranking.’