This is one of those matches when we you are not rewarded for the efforts
Valon Ahmedi
Foto: Drago Wernig
This was bound to happen too. The series of invincibility in the PLTS is finished; in the unusual match in Celje, the first major defeat in this season.

The attack on the attack, without the desired conclusion, while Celje achieved two goals with two kicks in the second half. ‘It's amazing. This is one of those matches when I have nothing else to reproach the lads for besides not scoring more than the opponents. With our ideas, we disabled them, but football, unfortunately, is unpredictable, and we were not rewarded for our efforts. We missed our goal to turn everything in the right direction,’ was the coach’s description of Saturday’s experience.

‘We played well, we were focused from the first minute. We not only controlled the game, but also played a really good match. At half-time, we agreed to try to hit as soon as possible. However, unfortunately, the reverse happened and then the issues regarding the course of the match changed. The opponents were at their door, we were storming, creating opportunities. But the opponents were still rescuing themselves and finally managed to do so. Thereby, they also had some luck.’

Regardless of the intermediate 11 European challenges, for the first time we have remained without points in the 17th league round.
‘I’m very satisfied with this string, it lasted long. It’s a pity that it stopped. I’m particularly unhappy about the outcome, because considering what we showed, we did not deserve to be defeated. But there won’t be major consequences. It is evident that we are still in good condition. The image on the pitch made sense, there will be enough power for a successful finish. We will do our best to catch up in the cup derby. Then we’re going to win in the remaining two championship matches,’ Darko Milanič had a look at the November/December conclusion.

First, therefore, catching the cup semi-final. Ljudski Vrt, Wednesday, 08:15 p.m. Maribor vs Olimpija. It is not over yet.