Marwan Kabha on the message of the locker room and the chase for the turnover in the championship derby
‘The club mentality is well known – no surrender! Never and no situation!’
Foto: Drago Wernig
Derby, for the third time. And at the completion of the November trilogy, a situation that we rarely find ourselves in: the fight for the championship semi-finals, we’re chasing the 3 goals of the gap.

‘I don’t remember either, if I have ever waited for a match with such a starting point. Certainly not to date. Our purpose is clear, we must play like we did in the championship derby, aggressively from the first minute, with a lot of running until the last, and creatively, effectively, throughout. If they were able to beat us 3−0 at home, then we can do it on our pitch too, in front of our fans. The club mentality is well known – no surrender! Never and in no situation,’ says Marwan Kabha, in anticipation of the returning quarter-final match against Olimpija.

The replay of the derby's script, when we shook the Ljubljana network already in the 6 minute, would be of great help.
‘If we strike in the first fifteen minutes, that would be great. But even if we fail, we must persevere to the end. Goals also happen after the 80th minute.
We will make every effort to qualify for the semi-finals. We have a successful season and we want to win everything. But we must play as a team and do our best. Only in this way, we won’t get a goal and will be able to catch up.’

In the meantime, the Israeli representative missed Saturday's match in Celje. He used the additional break to refresh and prepare for the autumn finish of four domestic matches.
‘I’m in a good condition. Because I was not allowed to play, I got the opportunity to rest. There is a tremendous number of matches behind us, and now I’m returning with new energy. There is no need for any extra motive for the derby, and now it is a great challenge to prove that we can advance even after 0−3. We believe!’

Maribor vs Olimpija. Ljudski Vrt, Wednesday, 08:15 p.m.