A serious injury: fractured orbital will require a few weeks of rest
From the pitch to hospital
Foto: Drago Wernig
We hadn’t just lost Jasmin Mešanović for the final phase of the cup derby. We lost him for the remainder of the first half of the season as well. In the 77th minute he fell to the ground, light-headed, and had to leave the pitch. He was immediately taken to hospital, where it was revealed that he had suffered a serious injury.

He has fractured his orbital bone above the eye and, unfortunately, he will have to undergo surgery. In the anticipation of more news from the University Medical Centre Maribor, it is clear that the striker will not feature in any of our matches in the coming three weeks. It remains unclear just how long the recuperation will take, but according to Dr Matjaž Vogrin, he will miss several weeks.