Cross-section of statistical data of the autumn part of the season: 27 players, 13 scorers
31 out of 33: Mitja Viler spent the most time on the pitch of all players.
Foto: Drago Wernig
And the final competition analysis to conclude the year. The unforgettable, purple 2017...

33 matches. 26 players. 46 goals achieved. 35 goals conceded. That is the statistical overview of the July–December competition period, drawn up at the end of the outgoing year. The game of numbers reveals that in the autumn, we had 18 victories, 9 undecided results, and 6 losses in 33 matches (18 championship, 3 cup, and 12 European matches).

The 2017/18 season began in Mostar and ended before the winter break with the last chapter of the Champions League, in the Ljudski Vrt against Sevilla. After the review of individual data, Viler is at the top in the sum of matches of all the three competitions; he played in 31 of them. Tavares has one match less, followed by Handanović and Mešanović.

In the past 33 matches, 27 players were given opportunities. Among these, we have 13 shooters (altogether we scored 46 goals). At the top of the list of the most effective is Tavares, who scored 13 times. Among these, he scored many milestone goals, qualification goals, the last goal in the group part, and also the last for the record in the Slovenian First Football League. Second-placed among the shooters is Mešanović, who added another hit to the eight championship hits in the Champions League, while the third-placed is Bohar with a total of 4 + 1.

With this baseline, we’re departing for the winter break. We’re going to continue in February, with the activities of the team resuming on 10 January, after the assembly at the traditional group dinner a day earlier.

Matches played in the autumn part:
31 Viler
30 Tavares
29 Handanović, Mešanović
28 Bohar, Pihler
27 Kabha
26 Hotić
25 Vrhovec
24 Bajde
23 Ahmedi
21 Milec, Rajčević
20 Billong
15 Kramarič
13 Vršič, Zahović, Palčič
4 Obradović
3 Ogrinec
2 Šme, Uskoković, Kolmanič, Sunny Omoregie, Inbrom
1 Dervišević, Hodžić

Goals scored in the autumn part:
13 Tavares
9 Mešanović
5 Bohar
3 Pihler, Rajčević
2 Viler, Bajde, Hotić
1 Zahović, Vrhovec, Kramarič, Ahmedi, Billong