The players have arrived in Turkey
Foto: Drago Wernig
The move to the traditional Turkish base in Antalya means that the core part of the preparations has started. In sunny weather, the image of the day upon the departure was hinting that it would be possible to continue training at home, but changing environment during the preparatory period is always welcome. After a flight of two hours and five minutes, we were already on Turkish soil.

‘This year, it’s incredibly warm at home, but it’s very important to do the part when we can spend more time together. So we’ll be able to do more, not only on the pitch. In addition to workouts and matches, we will have several meetings, and see some more video. We will use the time available to us to the maximum,’ Darko Milanič said about the new chapter of work in Belek.

As envisaged, 28 players will participate in the activities in Turkey. Due to injury, Viler is not with us; Kabha has also stayed at home, waiting for his transfer abroad.
‘We’re used to changes and adapt quickly to new situations. With departures, roles reshuffle; new players often sense the opportunity and know how to use it, which was already evident in autumn.’

After the landing and sorting out accommodation, the team carried out the first activity in the hotel; the first training session will take place on Tuesday morning, and the first match will take place already in the afternoon. We will report extensively and in various forms on developments in Belek at and on our club social networks, with stories from the pitch and behind the scenes. All the five matches during the stay in Turkey will also be broadcast live on the web.