Monday’s departure to the traditional preparatory base in Belek
Foto: Drago Wernig
We’re going to Turkey! Monday’s departure to the traditional preparatory base marks the start of the next project: the core part of the preparations. At 1:00 p.m., 28 selected players are departing from Maribor Airport to Antalya for the most important part of the activities at the Turkish coast.

The passenger list includes Handanović, Obradović, Cotman, Irgolič, Milec, Hodžić, Šuler, Rajčević, Doumbia, Ivković, Uskoković, Kolmanič, Vrhovec, Pihler, Dervišević, Ahmedi, Bohar, Vršič, Bajde, Kramarič, Hotić, Tavares, Mešanović, Zahović and Mlakar, and three hopes from the football school: Luka Koblar, Nino Žugelj, and Nick Hanik Horvat.

Due to injury, Viler has stayed at home, as has Kabha, before his transfer abroad; whereas Mertelj, Sunny Omoregie, Vokić, Moravac, and Ahmetović are not among the candidates for the spring part of the season, and will be training at the Ljudski Vrt.

Belek will be the purple base for the seventh time in a row, until February 10 this year.