What showed the try-out against Sturm
Valon Ahmedi with a masterpiece from free kick
Foto: Drago Wernig
After the interim events that caused passions to flare, it was most important to ensure the team had peace and smooth working conditions. In the domestic environment, the players and the professional staff focused on the set training programme and passed the test of the current competitive situation across the border.

‘It is very important that we played an intensive match in a team spirit. At first, we were a little restrained, but then we saw that the way we had chosen was the right one. I am pleased with the response, which we also must demonstrate in the future. This team spirit, and the stability that comes with it, is of great value, and we must not lose our concept due to some negative event in the interim. Through the agreement we had, we could continue our path even after a poor start and come to the victory,’ the coach described the match with Sturm.

We responded to the interim negative event with two positive ones: for the turnaround and the victory that brings a valuable incentive.
‘We had several successful moves. We also performed some nice actions in an appropriate mode for a creative play even before the equalisation, especially on the left side. After a fantastic free shot, we immediately scored another goal via the left side, which worked well during the match. Completely deservingly.’

Half of the league break is behind us, and we still have one week to the next big challenge. How to play in the derby?
‘Only in the way we showed in this match. With the thought that we will work on the pitch as a team, like we want to; so that we will also be able to endure those moments when we find ourselves under pressure. But most of all, with the thought that we can stay calm and confident in our abilities, and thus reach a positive moment.’