Another 90 minutes this week to enjoy: coach’s comment of a new convincing performance
On his return to the pitch, Blaž Vrhovec among the scorers
Foto: Drago Wernig
6 goals, a post, fast, smooth action. Another 90 minute this week to enjoy. The series continues and intensifies.

Coach’s comment after a new purple rhapsody: ‘It’s understandable that such a performance is pleasing. We scored 6 goals, played well, we had quite a few opportunities and, as a whole it’s hard to add anything. The assessment of the shown is very, very good. It's nice to see the lads so playful.’

We continue effectively and combiningly, with a match in which Luka Zahović and Jan Mlakar remain with the support of all others very concrete.
‘With them and with Kramarič, Hotić, and Dervišević, we got the image desired at this moment. We are more direct in attacking the opposite goal and we’re really good at it.’

Amir Dervišević: again in the starting eleven and already an upgrade with two assistances.
‘He has been in my mind for quite some time. He plays the matches, when the strategy is built in a certain way, very good. This, however, does not mean that it will definitely play next time. At a match when you anticipate that it will need to be played this way, he is the top choice. He played very well both times and now it’s on him to continue fighting for himself, and thus for the whole team.’

To confirm the team spirit as the first among equals is also Marcos Tavares.
‘For the second time I have him minutes from the bench. It is our ‘agreement’ that I say to him for an extra encouragement to go to the playground and score. He's done it again. It means a lot that we are not individual, but our strength remains in the collective. The lads who come into the game understand the moment. They are very enthusiastic and contribute their share.’

All the pros of the Sunday afternoon also include the return of Blaž Vrhovec, for the first time this spring and immediately among the scorers. The only minus will be the realisation that we were left without Aleks Pihler for the next match.
‘Since Pihler will be absent due to four yellow cards, it was important that Vrhovec got the chance to regain competitive feelings again. He earned this, not because of the hit, but because of the right attitude. The match will contribute to self-confidence, but it is essential to know that he is one of those who never give up.’

Self-confidence is now evident and reflects strongly in the whole team.
‘It’s true, the image of the team has changed a lot. Wins make you different, we play the game playfully, convincingly. Already the training a day before was a good prediction when the boys carried out short phases of the match on 2 goals very well, effectively.’

With the purple series, we quickly halved the gap, from −10 to −5.
‘There are nine long matches ahead of us. Our task is, I repeat myself, still the same, but urgent. To prepare ourselves only for the first match and never look at others, to not look at the gap. At the same time, we try to approach this performance against Gorica. I believe that we are capable of this, because we have the power and we are really doing great steps forward. We know how complicated the host plays in Kidričevo are, so it will important to keep this concreteness in the attack and in all parts of the match. To maintain the team balance when we clearly attack, but also when we defend excellently.’’