After the match in Kranj, another in a series of outstanding milestones of our goalkeeper
Eden Hazard v. Jasmin Handanović
Foto: Drago Wernig
The first impression – he would save it. And he did. When Matej Poplatnik took the ball yesterday in Kranj to score a penalty, there was hardly any ‘predicted’ advantage for the performer. The unfolding: he did not beat Jasmin Handanović. With the new save, our goalkeeper increased the list of stopped attempts from the white point, and we prepared a slightly different purple story on this occasion.

As a matter of interest, the question arises: when did Handanović concede a goal from 11 m in official matches? Last September, when he was defeated in Seville by Wissam Ben Yedder, who only last night completed the competition in the Champions League. A review of the notes also gives some interesting points on this subject.

It is even more interesting to look at what have in common Eden Hazard, James Milner, Hernanes, Adam Rooney, Esteves Sousa, Miran Burgić, Slobodan Vuk, Goran Galešić, Vito Plut, Mate Eterović, Perica Ivetić, Mitja Lotrič, Jaka Ihbeisheh, and now Matej Poplatnik?

These are footballers the intent of which Jasmin Handanović (since being a member of NK Maribor) predicted and became a specialist in saving penalties. In matches of the Champions League, Europa League, European qualifications, Slovenian Championship, Slovenian Cup or super cup. Altogether 16-times! He stopped as much as two attempts by Goran Galešić and Vito Plut.

Among this competition, Nemanja Bilbija did not get around, who did not score for Zrinjski at our July start of the journey to the Championship League. The ball into the post and then Handanović put it safely into his lap. Or Vitolo, Josip Fuček, and Janez Zavrl, who in duels hit the post or sent the ball past the goal.

Handa. With us since summer 2011. With him, we started the latest purple success story between the goalposts, linked European milestones, and collected domestic trophies. Of course, not only because of the defended penalties; we can also write about individual defences during the match, which influenced the outcome of matches. In total, he collected 308 of them for NK Maribor. And he will not stop here...

When and whose penalties did he defend?
11/04/2018 Triglav v. Maribor (Matej Poplatnik)
01/11/2017 Liverpool v. Maribor (James Milner)
07/03/2017 Gorica v. Maribor (Miran Burgić)
10/12/2016 Domžale v. Maribor (Slobodan Vuk)
04/08/2016 Maribor v. Aberdeen (Adam Rooney)
25/05/2016 Maribor v. Celje, cup final (Esteves De Sousa)
05/07/2015 Koper v. Maribor, super cup (Mitja Lotrič)
05/07/2015 Koper v. Maribor, super cup (Goran Galešić)
11/04/2015 Koper v. Maribor (Goran Galešić)
05/11/2014 Maribor v. Chelsea (Eden Hazard)
20/09/2014 Koper v. Maribor (Perica Ivetić)
10/08/2013 Maribor v. Krka (Jaka Ihbeisheh)
02/12/2012 Mura v. Maribor (Mate Eterović)
04/10/2012 Lazio v. Maribor (Hernanes)
14/07/2012 Gorica v. Maribor (Vito Plut)
21/09/2011 Gorica v. Maribor (Vito Plut)

17/36 and 22/50
Here is an upgrade of the story. With comprehensive information on confrontations on the white spot in the regular part of the matches when Handanović defended. Or by considering the performance of penalties in the cup finals against Celje and in the duel for the super cup. With an exceptional ratio between 90-minute confrontations: with the opponent shooting from the white point, there is 47.2% possibility that Handa will not pick the ball from the net!

Matches, 90 minutes

36 attempts
13 defences
4 missed attempts (goalpost or past)
19 goals conceded

Total (regular part + penalties)

50 attempts
16 defences
6 missed attempts (goalpost or past)
28 goals conceded