With the coach after consecutive victory No. 4 and the third without conceding a goal
Amir Dervišević confirmed the victory despite playing with one player less.
Foto: Drago Wernig
Mission Kidričevo was accomplished too. An exceptional series of tournaments has been completed with a new victory, in a somewhat more difficult way. The three points were earned, but with some losses. An analysis with the coach after the match.

‘The exclusion of Handanović, Viler’s fourth yellow card, Mlakar’s injury; none of these matters are pleasant. They will not spoil this experience of a very important three points, but they surely give us some trouble for the next match.’

The objective was achieved, but the specifics of the matches with Aluminij came back to the fore.
‘A very difficult match is behind us. The lads had to respond to a different situation, with a higher temperature and a pitch that did not allow the ball to pass quickly. We had too much distance and mostly played as the competitors wanted. By seeking the path to the goal through passes, but that was impossible because the pitch stopped the ball. We had poor receptions, and the opponents, due to this slowness, managed to position and defend themselves. We wanted to play more in depth, with leaps. When we did this, we were very dangerous, but waiting for a successful resolution extended this time.’

The fourth consecutive victory, for the third time without a score.
‘This is the basis wherein you can be successful. In addition to scoring and creating opportunities. We had two nice opportunities in the 1st half, but did not score, and the match went in a different direction than in Kranj or Nova Gorica. However, Mlakar’s hit made everything easier for us and enabled us to bring the match to a successful end. Even though we had one player less, the opponents no longer found their way to our door.’

Viler with a break of one match; we must wait for the decision regarding Handanović; what is the situation with Mlakar?
‘He requested a substitution because of the pain in his ankle, which was already felt very swollen at half-time. I hope that the problems will not stall for as long as after that previous match against Aluminij, but Jan’s ankle really did not look nice after the match.’

In each round, the image of the ranking gets prettier. We are increasing the pressure at the top and we affirm that the match against Celje was the one that turned the curve upwards.
‘After the match with Krško, we gathered, talked about everything, and decided how we would play in the future.’ The image was already promising at the intermediate preparatory match against Sturm when we showed the character that continues to be reflected. From this aspect, we are content, as we entered a series of wins, but we must not and do not intend to stop here. In football, it is so that you can find things that can and must be better. However, the basis remains to function as a homogeneous unit, all pulling in the same direction.’