The coach's comment on the new goal series
7 games, 7 victories. Goal-difference 26:5.
Foto: Drago Wernig
The game was pure enjoyment on the field as well as for the spectators. Their response after the game revealed everything – standing ovations from our fans for the score 5:1 and our 7th victory in a row.

“It was a nice show; we could all enjoy watching the game and beautiful moments. We took a lead fast, and we succeeded in a good opening in the second half, and led a match to a phase where we could control the events. The lads played really good again and deserve compliments for the continuation of good performance in the series. The notion that we can share the same energy which we transform into quality matches is really encouraging,” said Darko Milanič.

So far, matches with higher scores were played away. Now, however, we were very convincing also in the domestic fortress. “We score, the strikers are very efficient and we are all very diverse. After the break, Dervišević represented himself as a strong tool. Therefore, the reasons for contentment and a positive atmosphere are plenty”.

Now, we also have the first shooter of the League: the captain reached the top with his 15th goal. “Tava is … We said this before but it is worth mentioning again. He is an excellent shooter, ambitious in front of the goal. I am glad that the strikers cooperate which was also proved in the past matches. They see each other, like to pass the ball to each other in all situations and they should continue the same also in the future.”

The only negative finding: Milec played only 45 minutes and had to leave the field early. “He had some bowel problems and asked for a replacement in the first half. He was exhausted and we will see how his condition will be in the days to come.”

The purple series has a 7/7 label. Now, it is time to go to Domžale: on Wednesday at 16:00. “A very specific team is waiting for us. We showed in the past that we could beat them. The Domžale team, however, has a special dynamic in their attack and a high tempo. Two very strong teams will play on Wednesday but I believe that we can present another very good match. We are in an ideal situation now; nonetheless, we will have to be very specific in the defence if we want to succeed again.