The coach's comment on the derby full of twists
Foto: Drago Wernig
It was a derby in its real meaning but, unfortunately, it did not work out according to our plans. After a series of opportunities missed by our players, Olimpija scored a winning goal in a dramatic match ending.

The disappointment is huge. The coach Darko Milanič said the following after the match with an unhappy ending: “We were witnesses to a dynamic derby, full of twists. Unfortunately, it did not work out for us. It is even harder because our desire to win was enormous and the support on the stands was truly wonderful.”

According to our strategist's opinion, the turning point occurred in 74th minute. “A fast counter-attack and a penalty kick for the guests. We did not respond well in those crucial moments and we allowed Olimpija to draw. There is no excuse for this kind of situation. Then we had two more exceptional opportunities created by Mešanović and Mlakar, but we did not take them. There was more at stake in the match and we deserved more.”

Again, we wanted to get “more” by having four strikers on the field at the same time.
“We wanted to be calmer, but according to the characteristics of the players on the field and our dynamic playing recently, it is hard to calm the match down. We were too restless in key moments this time. We wanted to have more possessions of the ball, to be more accurate with four strikers, but we failed.”

How to go on? “Our only option is to win the next two matches and hope that Olimpija make a mistake. We know that the task is going to be very hard, but it is not impossible. If it turned out now in this way, why would it not turn out the the opposite way in the last two rounds?”

After a match like this, it will not be easy to prepare for the match in Celje. However, we have to recover very quickly and not give up. “The lads are down about it, but we will do our best to play well against Celje. It is all possible in the next two rounds, we will not surrender.”