Luka Zahović: I would rather be the champion than the no. 1 goal scorer
During the spring series: 17 matches, 18 goals
Foto: Drago Wernig
After the end of the colourful season, it is time for the analysis. We are not at the top of the list, but we have a representative on top of the list of strikers. Luka Zahović has scored 18 times, the most of all most effective players in the national league championship in the past four seasons.

“I would change this title for the championship title immediately,” he said without a doubt when describing his feelings. This achievement, however, has an added significance: this is the seventh time after Slovenia gained independence that the king of all shooters is a member of NK Maribor. Marcos Tavares has triumphed three times, two times Kliton Bozgo and once, sharing the title, Jean-Philippe Mendy.

“I am very happy about my achievement, but I am not in the mood for celebration because of the unpleasant ending of the championship. Only team trophies count. That is why I do not need to emphasise that I would rather be the champion than the no. 1 goal scorer.”

Winning in the last round was not enough to celebrate together.
“Too bad that it did not work out. We are sorry because we had all the strings in our hands and we lost the advantage in the final unnecessarily. Nevertheless, we can congratulate ourselves for the work done. We had a top season and we played in the Champions League. We won 80 points in the national championship and we were only one point short to win the title. All things considered, we can be proud of what we have achieved in the last few months.”

During 2017, he had to overcome two collarbone operations and an illness. But his persistence and hard work paid off. For his contribution to the purple spring (17 matches, 18 goals), he got a well-earned reward. After playing for the youth teams in between, he is now on the list of the national representative team and, instead of going on holiday, he went to Brdo near Kranj.

“The invitation means a lot to me, I will do my best in the representative action. After that, I will get a few days of rest, to forget about football and to return to the club preparations with fresh strength. After sleeping poorly because of not winning the title, time will heal the wound. We will return fresh and motivated.”