Back together again after 10 days break only: 19 players at the assembly
A welcome: Handanović and Cotman meet Pirić for the first time
Only 10 days after the last match and the end of the season 2017/18, we are back together again. The break was short and new purple challenges await us. We opened a new chapter at a group dinner on Thursday with what is now a regular assembly of the team. After that, on Friday at 10 a.m., the first training is scheduled.

Project 2018/19 begins with Handanović, Cotman, Obradović, Pirić, Šuler, Ivković, Rajčević, Doumbia, Viler, Kolmanič, Pihler, Vrhovec, Cretu, Ogrinec, Hotić, Vršič, Ahmedi, Bohar, Tavares, Bajde, Mešanović and Štor.

According to an agreement with the coach, Marko Šuler and Jasmin Mešanović were absent; Šuler due to an illness and Mešanović due to a death in the family. Kenan Pirić, the former goalkeeper at Zrinjski, is the only newcomer. Sandi Ogrinec (who ended the loan at Krško) and Luka Štor, who was gaining experiences at Kidričevo in between, will join the team again. Due to a minor operational procedure, Sunny Omoregie (Alashkert, Armenija), who was also on loan, and Luka Uskoković will begin training next week. Denis Šme, however, will not be able to play for a long time because of an unsuccessful finish of the loan at Aluminij, since he was injured on the last match. A few months of recuperation awaits him after surgery of his anterior cruciate ligament. Luka Koblar, who was transferred from the youth team to the membership category, is also among the coach’s chosen ones but is currently injured and will join the team during the preparations.

Because of the activities in the national representative team, the following members were also missing: Martin Milec, Luka Zahović, Amir Dervišević, Martin Kramarič and Jan Mlakar, as they had few more days to rest and will join the rest of the tam on Wednesday. In comparison with the previous season, after the expiry of the contract, Aleš Mertelj is no longer a member of our team.