Marcos Tavares has the most experience with summer preparations at Ljudski vrt
"Not just a few players, but rather the entire team is in great shape!"
Foto: Drago Wernig
After returning from the traditional base in the Prekmurje region, the players will have a two-day break and from Tuesday onwards they will continue their activities in the home environment. The coach has expressed satisfaction about the achievements and results so far, but what does he say about it?

"I say that the coach has already said everything (laughs). We have trained well and we played well. Not just a few players, but rather the entire team now is reliable. Even with the division of minutes between the players, we have shown that there were no differences between the half-times. Whichever player got the chance, he used it. As regards the current phase of preparations, we have done everything at the highest level. The fact that we have not lost a match yet, confirms in what great shape we are. Through the training and matches, we have proved that we have an objective to follow."

Marcos Tavares has the most experience with summer preparations at Ljudski vrt. These are the days when the pieces of the puzzle are put together for a good beginning of the European qualifications and the entire season.

"During our stay at Moravske Toplice, we talked a lot about all sorts of things. The more experienced players help the younger ones, and we also discussed the specifics of the European qualifications. We have the right energy, great motivation and I believe that we can write a lovely new purple story. First, during the matches in this European summer, and then at home matches."

After three matches in the previous week, this week we will have two matches coming up to polish our skills: on Wednesday, we are playing against Weiz and on Saturday against Cracovia. We have played four matches and we have four matches coming up. Each match is important, for it brings certain answers and a possibility to improve things."

“With the opening of the new work chapter, the countdown to the match with Partizani has begun. Out first match is on 12 July in Tirana and it starts early, at 5:30 in the afternoon , and the weather forecast says it is going to be a very hot day. We have to be ready for everything and we will be, even under such conditions. The hosts are probably going to try to take advantage of this, but since we have played most of the preparatory matches in the afternoon slots, we should have no problems with adapting to the heat. However, we are aware that a very difficult beginning of the qualifications is ahead of us, in all senses of the word. A quality competitor will play against us, so it is important to use every single day for thorough preparations, individually and as a team. This is the only way to achieve what we want," emphasised the coach.