Leaving Kranj to take a break with the best possible prospect
Foto: Drago Wernig
Match no. 7, victory no. 5, with a goal difference of 24:4. The first 630 minutes of our championship were played in style; in Kranj, we also confirmed the attractiveness and efficiency of our game.

“We attacked perfectly: while scoring five goals, we also had some other great opportunities. We always say we hope for a quick goal. This time, our wish was granted, but many minutes came after that. We had some luck in surviving the minutes after our goal; after scoring for the second time, we took the match where we wanted it to be. During the match, there were a lot of positive moments, but I don't like that in a certain part of the match, we left too many opportunities to the opponent,” said the coach after the duel with Triglav.

We also cannot ignore the fact that this is already our fourth victory where five goals ended up in our opponents’ net.

“We attack well, we are diverse, and we are dangerous to the opponent from several different positions. We've been playing with three forward players for a while now, which means there is more to save for the defence, but our opponents are having a harder time following us when we attack. Luka scored 2 goals, Mlakar opened the series while providing some opportunities for himself, the goal that Hotić scored was an excellent one, and Vrhovec was successful after the interruption; incidentally, interruptions also continue to be one of the more powerful weapons in our arsenal. Mešanović could have scored as well, we were dangerous from different sides. We knew that when Triglav plays at home, they are good enough for the match to turn around completely. But we successfully searched for solutions by combining well, which is and must remain one of our strengths.”

The only downside of the violet-clad Sunday was the fact that Klinar, who had just come back from recovery, was injured again. “Based on what I saw during training sessions, I decided to have him play. Everything was okay, and he was ready, but unfortunately, he got injured. Now, he will likely need some more time to recover.”

Leaving Kranj to take a break with the best possible prospect. On September 15, we continue the league competition in Krško.
“We are content; we won a lot of points, were efficient, and also didn't let many goals end up in our net. Now, we have to rest, and then, it’s time to push forward. Our mission is to maintain our shape at this level, and to improve it, if possible. We hope this successful series will last as long as possible. I don't have many complaints about what the boys showed. But the initial starting point means nothing. We are all aware that the season is made out of many moments and of different turning points. We have a lot of matches to play before the end, and it's important that our decisiveness and ambitiousness don't leave us. We will have to stay calm, even if we don't score fast enough and if our opponents defy us by defending successfully,” said Darko Milanič in regard to what has already been done and to new challenges that lie ahead.

The team’s activities will continue on Wednesday in Ljudski vrt; after that, a lively range of events awaits us. It begins on Saturday with an exhibition match in Rijeka which will begin at 8 p.m.; before travelling to Krško, a cup match is also scheduled. Way to go, Maribor! Wednesday, September 12, at 3:30 p.m. in Ljubljana (Šiška sports park).