Works are scheduled to begin at the end of September 2018

    The time has come to start the comprehensive renovation project of the “Ljudski vrt” stadium, comprising the finalisation of spaces under the northern, southern, and western stand. Activities are going as planned; at the end of September, works are scheduled to begin under the northern and southern stands, whereas the renovation of the western stand is due to start at the end of 2018. Funds for the beginning of this renovation have been secured in the budget of the municipality of Maribor.

    Renovation of the western stand will comprise a new communication ramp, a connecting corridor (for reporters, VIP guests, and functionaries) for linking the old stand with the northern and southern passageway, a construction of more VIP seats and the arrangement of seats dedicated to commentators and journalists (102), as well as to persons with reduced mobility and their escorts, the intended implementation of a VIP lounge for high-end receptions (9 lounges with a total capacity of 154 seats), and a platform for the main camera and the two side cameras in the form of a prefabricated steel construction.

    In a press conference, spokesperson of the club Stipe Jerič detailed the information: “The club is aware of the important responsibility of preparing project documentation, which is why we also took more time to study the functionality, conditions, standards, and materials required in a modern football stadium. The goal of every person who collaborated with the architects in preparing the final project documentation was to make an optimal, functional project, consistent with the demands of the club and with recommendations made by UEFA and FIFA governing football organisations.”

    The western tribune will be dealt with at the end of 2018 and will be finished by September 2019

    If everything goes according to the timeline planned, the reconstruction of the western stand will start at the end of 2018. Works are scheduled to be finished in September 2019, and the operating permit will probably be obtained at the same time; in the meantime, NK Maribor can continue using “Ljudski vrt” venue to play all its matches in domestic competitions, since all other tribunes are functioning smoothly. The same goes for summer qualifications for European cup competitions, since construction work will probably be finished by then, and the space under the northern and southern stands will already be operable. After the renovation, the overall capacity of the western stand will be of 3265 seats (i.e. 804 seats less than before), taking into account the requested safety standards and ensuring a far higher degree of comfort to spectators.

    Spaces under the northern and southern tribunes take first priority

    The design under the northern and southern stands will entail a catering and commercial premises (south) and places for the NK Maribor Football School, the press room, and management premises for managing the stadium (north). Work is scheduled to begin at the end of September 2018.