Jan Mlakar talks to us about Krško and the three violet-clad goal-scorers with five goals each
After a week where we played twice as guests, we are opening a new chapter with two back-to-back matches in Ljudski vrt. We are starting this new violet project by reflecting upon the weekend of competitions; this time, patience was the key to success.

Jan Mlakar tells us about the success of the mission in Krško: “We played in a different formation than in previous matches. We knew we had to be patient, and it worked out for us. We also stayed calm during half-time; when talking in the locker room, we said to ourselves that we only had to persist, and an opportunity will surely open up for us. We went back to the field with the same mindset and our moment finally came. It was easier to breathe afterwards; we knew we had a sufficient amount of solutions for when the space opened up next to the defenders of the home team.”

The first step towards victory was the leading goal at the beginning of the second half-time.
“This was an excellent counter-attack; Luka passed the ball well and it was up to me to score well, too. I’m glad I did it.”

The opening of the season of our violet-clad team remains efficient: we scored 26 goals and we have three players (Zahovič, Mlakar, Hotić) who scored five times each.
“It's nice that we are all doing well. The three of us are considered the best goal-scorers, other players are efficient as well, but the only thing that really matters is that we keep on winning. When a team is good, it singles out great individuals, which is also the case with our team.”

We will continue Saturday with a match against Domžale, an opponent that always provides an additional incentive. Jan, however, has a stronger bound with this opponent.
“The beginning of my football path in the junior team was a nice period of my life, but this is a new story. All my thoughts are concentrated on Maribor and all of my wishes are related to how we could be as successful as possible together. We know that it will be hard to reach a new victory. Domžale are a good team, so we must prepare as much as possible in the week to come, and then go for the win. This series of successful matches has boosted our self-confidence, but we want to boost it even further. This is our only goal; we must not be thinking about where we stand in the rankings. We will deal with that when the time comes. For now, we will take it step by step, try to lose as few points as possible, and aim to win as many as possible.”

Ljudski vrt. Saturday, 8:15 p.m.