The coach's comment on the effectiveness and total dominance in Celje
Luka Zahović: he reached his 10th goal in the championship against the Celje team
Foto: Drago Wernig
4 November 2017: Krško – Maribor 0:5. 4 November 2018: Celje – Maribor 0:5. For the second consecutive year, we repeated the goal series on the fourth day in November. This interesting play of numbers produced an excellent outcome. Even more, the match, which was fair and also attractive to the viewers, offered many positive actions.

“It is true that the opposite team helped us with their open game and their desire to find possibilities, but we managed to disarm them with excellent playing also when we did not have the ball. We achieved that with the good work of the strikers, midfielders and defenders. Our attack was played smoothly with well-played actions. There were many closures and it felt like a goal would happen all the time,” Darko Milanič expressed his appreciation to the entire violet team for the game played on Sunday afternoon in Celje.

The good match was announced already with an amazing opening, followed by no hesitation. “The lads understood my message and I did not have to repeat it. They knew they had to continue in the same way. To get a greater lead. When the opponents wanted to catch-up, they knew exactly what they needed to do and did their jobs excellently. In the last 15 minutes, there was some slight restraint but it did not have any impact on the overall game.”

This was the fifth match in this year’s championship during which we scored five goals. This is a confirmation of the team’s right orientation and the difference between the goals given and received is now +30 (43:13).

“We wish to play aggressively and throughout the championship we will play with many attackers. It is sometimes different against those teams with more physics. If you do not score quickly and twice, too many forwards on the field can also be harmful. With a good defence of three midfielders, the strikers have an easier job. I am pleased that we were so effective and that we achieved such a big difference between the goals given and received.”

The match in Celje is going to be our guidance for the fall finish.

“I think this should be repeated over and over again in this phase and I am going to repeat it to the lads all the time. That there is no other solution than to sprint. We have this inside us, we can do this, and whenever we do this, we are satisfied. Our approach must remain the same – we should be as quick as possible at the beginning, make the most effort and, if necessary, even throw ourselves on the head if we do not have the ball. When we have the ball though, we show knowledge and creativity. This will remain our main motto also in the future.”