With the coach about the next one in the series of attractive games
Foto: Grega Wernig
We added one more in the row – which is getting longer. It was a new effective match for 36 points in the 16th round with a 47:14 difference in scores.

“Overall, the fans had a run for their money. There were plenty of beautiful actions, five goals scored with each one very interesting in its own right. In the first half, our performance was worse than I’d expected, so something had to be done. Tavares’ score for 1:1 was very important for returning the balance to the match and giving us hope that we could take the full control that we wanted. In the second half, everything was O.K. with many actions and possibilities. I would prefer a more peaceful first half, but this is also part of the game. I am completely satisfied with the result,” said the coach after round no. 16.

Tavares was the key to catching up, making a turning point and achieving new high scores (145 in the league, totalling 192 in the most favourable outfit).

“It is an incredible achievement, the captain is not slackening down and that is good. Younger players are coming after him, but he always finds a way to be motivated. For example, the list of strikers is always encouraging when he is not reaching his potential. He scored five times already and moved our common high scores even higher.”

We are also increasing our numbers in total; on average, we scored almost three goals per match.
“We scored many times. This series should continue - it is our commitment to continue with such an effective attack. Of course, there will be some matches when we won't score four or five times – that is when we have to stay calm and make every effort to repeat this kind of match as many times as possible.”

We will have to wait until the next match in two weeks; now it is time to take the last representative break. After that, closing 270 minutes await us.
“We were successful in this cycle – we entered the semi-finals and we achieved two great wins. 36 points mean a lot to us and give us additional motivation to finish the autumn part. After the match, we talked with the lads, about how we should rest, then complete two quality working weeks and upgrade our wish to score new points. This is a necessity; we are not planning on stopping”.