Felipe Santos talks about successfully getting used to the violet-clad world and his progress in learning Slovenian
Foto: Grega Wernig
Ten months in Slovenia, of which four have been spent in Maribor. He only speaks Portuguese, but he is persistent and wishes to prove himself worthy. He already drew attention to himself when he was wearing an Ankaran jersey; after successfully completing the adjustment phase, our newest member from the summer transfer window, Felipe Santos, is spending more and more time wearing violet on the football pitch.

The 21-year-old offensive midfielder spoke to after scoring twice in matches played away, and then demonstrating his début in Ljudski vrt and during the last pause for the national team. This time around, it was easier for him to speak in Portuguese. We talked about football but also about his progress in learning Slovenian, the homework his coach entrusted him with in order for him to quickly understand the most essential expressions and finding his way around Maribor…

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